2014年10月2日 星期四

From "Occupy Central" to Occupy Admiralty, Causeway Bay, Mongkok & Tsimshatsui (由 "佔中" 到 "佔鐘", 佔銅鑼灣, 佔旺角, 佔尖沙咀)

Tear gas and pepper sprays turned what originally was a movement led by 3 leaders to occupy Central into a spontaneous and self-organizing movement which spread, as postmodernist French philosopher Gilles Deleuze predicted back in the 1970s, rhizome-like, in the age of the internet, without any specific leaders, which occupied not only Central, but also Admiralty, Causeway Bay, Mongkok and Tsimshatsui. The voice of the majority of people is loud and clear. The question is whether it will be heard and if so whether it will be positively or negatively responded to by our leaders in Admiralty, Western and Beijing.


Des Vouex Road, Central is barricaded.

with metal fences, traffic cones

 "Please Don't attack and oppress defenceless citizens"  on the left, "Only persistence will enable the democratic movement to bloom" on the right.

 "If we don't explode in silence, we'll be destroyed in silence"


"The old fool won't fall. He'll move mountains"

 "Occupy not for the sake of occupying. We want civic nomination." "Calmness, Restraint, Calmness, Restraint, Calmness, Restraint...."

"First Aid, Politically Neutral"

"How many times, vis-a-vis eyes of indifference and smiles of ridicule. Never was the ideal in my heart forsaken"

 "Hongkong people must save themselves and liberate Hong Kong"

 "Wash your eyes" 

              Towels on the fence for that purpose      

"You may help remove them to the Rubbish Collection Centre. Thanks"

Rubbish on the kerb ready for collection

 "Already sorted out. Ready for Removal"

  "Garbage Here"

Some young people near to a make-shift shelter using a half overturned tent

 Environmental Protection...Gloves, Plastic bags

Collection of bottles. No caps and Labels.

 "Thirsty? Take One. Share. "

Sign pens and papers for Slogan Writing

Free candies, cakes, biscuits and drinks

 Chalks. Help yourselves

Express Yourselves. Students, Keep It Up !

 Children expressing themselves on the ground with free chalks

Protesters coming from Central to Wanchaiin the morning

 Drinking Water Supply

a discarded banner in red and white

More people walking towards Admiralty before lunch

The hollow of the mid-road fence serving as temporary umbrella store

"Occupy Central, Occupy Causeway Bay. Occupy Hong Kong simply because Hong Kong is my home"

Chinese Medicine Assistance

"Relief of muscular pains and stiffness"

  Chinese Medicine students sitting quietly on the kerb

Some students trying out the message service

Warning...According to Nuremberg principles, "I was just following orders" is not an excuse!

Don't Forget the Original 4 Demands of the Federation of Students:
1. Open up the People's Square at Tim Mei Road for public assembly
2. C Y Leung, Lam Cheng Yuet Ngor, Yuen Kwok Keung, Tam Chi Yuen, Step Down
3. Rescind the Resolution of the People's Congress
4. Civil Nomination is Indispensable, Abolition of Functional Constituency

The People of Hong Kong, Rise Up. No Blood. No Retreat. Save Freedom. One more Person. That much more Power.

  The flight of freedom?

The flower of freedom on the ground  

Peace, Reason, Restraint. Umbrella Revolution

Focus on the Target, Ignore Provocation, Peace, Reason, Strive for True Universal Suffrage

We are not Bad Kids

Masks for the Mouth

Don't Occupy for the sake of Occupying. We want Civic Nomination.

Biscuits and Candies. Help yourself.

More marching towards Admiralty

Any 689 to be bagged, anyone?

Cling Wraps for the taking

Just for Drying

The Freedom Song of 1989 on the guitar 

A packed Wanchai

The camera of NBC

Wanchai packed with people walking, sitting, helping out with water sprays...

Ground sheet for the night and cooling bands on their forehead or neck

Young people on the mid-Road Divide

"Too much rubbish. (689) Please remove yourself. Thank you for your co-operation"

 More and more people arriving


 "The dark night brought darkness to my eyes. But I used it to look for light."

 For the sake of our next generation, step down.  Hong Kong, Keep it Up !

Don't Forget our Primary Aim. Peaceful Struggle...

 The overhead pedestrian path to the Legislative Assembly

Emily Lau being interviewed by an English TV station

 Wanchai full of demonstrators, close to midday

 A closer view

Choose your side

A long letter of protest

Some posters on the overhead pedestrian way to the Legislative Assembly

The students didn't commit any crime.

"How do you know that the weather tomorrow will be better? "
"I really don't know. Just hoping that it will be so, that's all!"

I want choice. I want true universal suffrage. 

 "I want my picture taken!"

The other side of the road

An artist drawing his impression of the demonstration

More and more people as the afternoon wore on 

People's Congress. "No to closing of the gates."   "Hong Kong is ours. Save ourselves."

C Y Leung! Dialogue!

We fight only for Democracy (in red) . Never forget our primary Aim.

"I got an umbrella. You shit in your pants. I got some cling wrap. You pee in your pants." beside Hong Kong's city floral symbol in the form of an "umbrella-flower"!

" Peace ...is Our Weapon."

Our demands: Abolition of Functional Constituency. Rescission of the Framework of our Political Reform at the end of August. Civic Nomination. Realisation of True Universal Suffrage.

Who's it that causes the people to sacrifice themselves on our roads? Hong Kong needs true universal suffrage.

 "Keep it Up, Hong Kong. Everyone, Wake Up."

A "thumbs-Up" for Hong Kong: "The most beautiful thing in Hong Kong is '"the people'"

Calmness. Peace. We only want civic nomination. Support the students. Student Strikes. Labor Strikes...

Don't Relent. Your departure will mean power to 689. RETURN for the battle after a break.

 Once you act on impulse, you lose!

Be a quality Demonstrator

 "Resist Fate. Never Accept Fate."

Temporary Counseling Service at the Picket Station (Social Worker) at the side of the Red Cross Building

" Do U hear the People Sing. (in orange)  I want true universal suffrage.(in white) "The Long Drive" (in blue) "Peace, Liberty, Democracy (true)" (in blue and white)

There's an "unlawful toilet"  at the Central Government Office. 

Peaceful Assembly. Stick to your position.
Now, the Occupation Movement has become entirely self-directed by the people themselves. To continue the movement, it's necessary to rely upon the peaceful self-discipline of its participants:
1. Stay calm. If you see anyone getting out of control, immediately raise your voice to stop him/her.
2. Never try to provoke/attack any policeman. That is not our target. It'll only mar the movement.
3. Discussing it with others will help you understand more and prevent being incited by others.
4. When you get any internet message/Whatsapp msg, do your best to verify them. Don't cause confusion and panic by passing them on.
5. The situation may change at each instant. Be prepared with basic equipment to ensure safety.
6. Conserve energy and don't squander it. We'll need to fight a prolonged battle.
Finally, please share what you think and how you feel and let the movement really bloom  everywhere.

"Mr. Policeman, where is your sympathy?" (left)  It's only because of all of you that we have hope. The People of Hong Kong. Keep it up".(right)

"Hitting a rock with an Egg: The egg may look fragile. The Rock may look hard. But in the end, the rock will turn into ashes. But Life will be hatched from the egg."

"I hate the way the HK Government ignored the opinion of the people of Hong Kong."
"I demand that the HK Government listen and accept the opinion of the people of Hong Kong."
"Government administration must be supported by its citizens but not demand its citizens to follow it blindly  sd. JW Lazy Lazy Cat. "
"I demand that the HK Government listen and accept the opinion of the people of Hong Kong.The HK Government should never push through any measures unacceptable to the citizens of Hong Kong sd. JW Lazy Lazy Cat"

We only fight for Democracy, nothing else

Civic Nomination is Indispensable

Metal Containers of Pepsi-Cola's stacked at a corner of the pavement

A supply station

Forbidden to settle the scores after the event

We're not anarchists. We want democracy.

No beer in Admiralty 

Blooming everywhere 

Really Low IQ. Fabricating News. Pretending to be Concerned

Hope starts with the people. Change starts with struggle.(in red)  Hong Kong is ours. Save Ourselves" (in blue).

Violence (note: "Chinese Communists" in red)

"Under the Lion Rock, the Hong Kong people. Locusts have no right to elect for us the leaders of the lions."

Hong Kong. Keep it up. 

F... ur Mom. Hold On 

Please proceed to your "liberation movement" (note: relieve yourself )  at 1/F of Admiralty Centre

 I want non-filtered universal suffrage

Heartless hawkish dog Tsang. Citizen brimming with Conscience. Protect the students' "Occupy Central".  Full support by the people of Hong Kong.

The five stars: Greed. Rape. Excess. Grabbing. Robbing.

Support Student Democracy (in yellow)
Demand 1 : Open up Tim Mei Road(in blue"
Demand 2:  CY and the 3-member Political Reform Step Down(in blue"
Demand 3:  Rescission of the resolution of the People's Congress (in blue)
Demand 4:  Civic Nomination.Abolition of Functional Constituency.(in black)

Hong Kong still our Home.We do nothing Wrong. Peace

Toilet and Rest Room available at the Holy Habit the Holy Mother Church No. 1 Star Street.

Demand 1 : Open up Tim Mei Road
Demand 2:  CY and the 3-member Political Reform Step Down
Demand 3:  Rescission of the resolution of the People's Congress
Demand 4:  Civic Nomination.Abolition of Functional Constituency.

A Refreshment Station

Hong Kong Security Forces. 689. Shit Eating Dogs. 

 Constitution-making by All the People. Local Democrats Against Communists

Home-made Weapon


Because C Y Leung submitted to the Beijing Government a false and poor made report which distorted public opinion in Hong Kong, the People's Congress made an erroneous decision. Edible oil made with gutter oil must be completely discarded and new oil made with real ingredients. For making such a false and poor report, C Y Leung must step down. Precisely because the resolution of the People's Congress is a solemn matter, no false and poor quality material must be used. It must be prepared anew with real ingredients.
Comments: Don't dream. If you don't want to listen to it, take a photo and post it on the net.
Thanks for the radio program this morning "Hong Kong is a Mission impossible Topic." 

 HK Confederation of Trade Unions   Union of HK Dockers   Strike in support of the students.

Those who ought remain silent is not the people of Hong Kong
Whoever wants to accept his fate, keep silent.

Resist Fate. Never accept Fate. 

Prayer and Fasting. We solemnly call upon the Government to invite leaders of public opinion and demonstrators for an open Dialogue on the basis of parity of status. We shall fast and pray until 1st October or until the Government holds such a meeting.

 The overhead pedestrian walkway filled with people

 Shameful Violent Repression

Persistence in peaceful resistance. Holding on to the value of Universal Suffrage

We shall never back down.

 Step Down, 689

Fighting for Democracy. Vow never to stop. Never Bending. Never Yielding. Peaceful Resistance. (I come from the grass root.)

Our parents came to escape from the Communists. Please don't let our children fall into  their clutches again.

 Protest Against the Abuse of Police Power

I'm very tired. But I will stick it out. 

Medical Station 

First Aid Station

Children helping to hand out candies and biscuits

 An older volunteer handing out water

More students volunteers 

 Middle aged lady engrossed in helping to cut yellow ribbons

  Old lady concentrating on helping to make environmental bags

A young helper 

  Crowd from Admiralty Centre waiting to get on to the street/the overhead pedestrian way


 The street filled with people after lunch

 Another view of the main street in Wanchai

Some reflections

Central in the distance from the park outside the Legislative Assembly 

 Causeway Bay

Another view of Wanchai & Causeway Bay

The Legislative Assembly

The harbor: so quiet by contrast!

The new Wheel in Central: will it turn our Fate?

Tsimshatsui across the harbor from Wanchai: right in the middle is our "Cultural Centre"

Yellow ribbons everywhere

Even on the fences of our flower beds.

Will it end in bouquets or in a blood bath?

It's anyone's guess.

For the moment, the Government has withdrawn the police from our streets, hoping to let the highly charged emotions peter out by themselves with the passing of time, waiting impatiently for the students or other demonstrators to make what they ardently hope would be "huge strategic or tactical mistakes" which they figure will turn the tide of public opinion from the rest of Hong Kong's more pragmatic citizens against them and thus provide it with its longed for "pretext" for firmly cracking down on the protesters and then crushing the movement for "true democracy". It's the lull before the final storm. Let's hope and pray that the demonstrators will never give CY the pleasure of having the kind of "excuse" he so badly needs in this ominous calm before that final storm breaks.