2015年3月29日 星期日

Art Basel 2015.10


Untitled 1983: Silkscreen on canvas by John Stezaker (b. 1949) a British conceptual artist who likes to do collage with pre-existing images like postcards, film stills and publicity photographs.

This is Intifada (meaning literally "shaking off" in Arabic but is now translated as rebellion/resistance), 2014, an uprooted olive tree, one of 3 such shackled to an open aluminum cube 3 meters square being constantly made to shake by a motor, causing its leaves to fall to the ground. A piece of installation art by Sioban Hapaska from Ireland. To him, the olive tree is a symbol of abundance, endurance, peace and goodwill and is supposed to symbolize Nature's struggle to be free of human control.

Baisers #2 2011 nickel-plated bronze by Ghada Amer (b.1963) an Egyptian painter and sculptor educated in France and now working in America, whose work explores issues of gender and sexuality

Remaining Trace 2015: in plexiglass, acrylic and mixed media on canvas by Korean artist Kibong Rhee (b. 1957). He believes that water in all forms embodies the physical and spiritual fleetingness of life  and seeks to incorporate such qualities into his ephemeral landscape painting: by layering clear Plexiglas atop canvas, he creates painted scenes from the natural world that are hazy, dreamlike and irreal. In Thought, Action or Dream 2013, a hillside of trees is partially obscured by fog. The trees along the river seem to be simultaneously taking shape and disappearing, caught in a perpetual state of flux

Untitled 2014 in alabaster by Anish Kapoor (b. 1954) Indian sculptor working in London
known in the 1980s for his simple, geometric or curved bright monochromatic biomorphic sculptures made using simple materials such as granite, limestone, marble, pigment and plaster."While making the pigment pieces, it occurred to me that they all form themselves out of each other. So I decided to give them a generic title, A Thousand Names, implying infinity,  a thousand being a symbolic number. The powder works sat on the floor or projected from the wall. The powder on the floor defines the surface of the floor and the objects appear to be partially submerged, like iceberg" he says. Since then he has been commissioned to adorn many public buildings with his huge sculptures.

Untitled 2013: gouache and acrylic on paper, same artist

Another one of his work

Judith 2014: mixed media on aluminium in Prussian blue by British artist Jason Martin  (b. 1970) known for his monochromatic paintings, where layers of oil or acrylic gel are dragged across hard surfaces such as aluminium, stainless steel or Plexiglas with a fine, metal comb or board in one movement, often repeated many times to creates rhythmic textures.

Presence 2012 : pencil and pigment on aluminium by Iranian installation artist and sculptor Shirazeh Housiary (b 1955 ) She left Iran in 1973 and studied art in Cardiff, Wales. Her work is inspired by work Sufi mysticism of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, a 13th century Persian mystical poet.

Marina 2014: oil on canvas by Neo Rausch (b. 1960) an artist from former East Germany whose works is much influenced by Giorgio de Chirico and René Margritte but he doesn't consider himself a surrealist, influenced as he is also by Socialist Realism.

Pond 2007: oil on linen by Lisa Yuskavage (b. 1962), a contemporary American figurative painter interested in exploring young female form.

Mimickry 2014: oil on panel by Mamma Andersson  (b. 1952) a Swedish painter working in London whose painting is characterized by thick paint with washed areas about domestic subjects and landscapes, often painting in skewed perspectives, irreconcilable spaces, and impossible circumstances.

Maypole 2000: oil on canvas by Luc Tuymans (b. 1958) Belgian painter and art historian married to Venuzuelian artist Carla Arocha.

Untitled (color bar): oil and colllage on canvas on wood 2011-12 by Belgian performance artist and painter Francis Alys (b. 1959) who originally trained in architecture which he abandoned: his art moving between architecture and social practice in his exploration of urbanity, spatial justice and land-based poetics.

After we've gone 2013 in bronze by Tony Cragg (b. 1949) a British sculptor who likes to pile everyday objects together and then contort them into new forms.

Beethoven's Trumpet (with Ear) Op 127, 2007 in resin, fibreglass, bronze, aluminium and electronics by John Baldessari, an American conceptual artist who incorporate texts and photography into his canvases in the mid-1960s and then started making prints, film, video, installation, sculpture and photography in the 1970s to emonstrate—and, in many cases, combine, the narrative potential of images and language within the work of art. When you speak into the born speaker, it will respond with some slow music.

the further end of the horn of the speaker

Queen Elizabeth II (le fils ) 2007 in metal by Adel Abdessemed (b. 1971) French conceptual artist born in Algeria and working in various cities in France.

Pelle di Grafite, Transparenza (Skin of Graphite,Transparency): reflesso di solidarite:, 2005: graphite on white fabric by Giuseppe Penone (b. 1947), an Italian artist who stresses the similar behavior of different entities by fossilizing them into specific forms, thus creating images that aim at causing the thoughts and imagination of his spectators to flow from one material to another, from one subject to another eg. from an animal body to a vegetable or mineral body.

A collage of can tops

People whose faces and bodies are distorted or disfigured by violent streaks of color

every day objects whose shapes are deformed by heat and color?

Trees whose branches within and outside the canvas can't be clearly distinguished: another artist trying to fuzzy the boundaries between reality and art.

Etude pour "La partie de Cartes: (Study for "The Card Game") 1947: oil on board  by  
Balthasar Klossowski de Rola (1908 – 2001), best known as Balthus, was a Polish-French modern artist who rejected the usual conventions of the art world and insisted that his paintings should be seen and not read about, resisting all attempts to build a specific biographical profile.

Gas Huffer 2014 in stainless steel by Joel Morrrison (b. 1976), an American sculptor based in Los Angeles, best known for his composite sculpture, often constructed from found objects, cast in fiberglass or high-polish stainless steel.

tiny stones of various colors embedded


Various installations and statues and posters. To the left is the chandelier loaded with chains etc. entitled "Around the Way" 2013 by Dzine (Carlos Rolon) (b. 1970), an American artist of Puerto Rican origin who explores the use of domestic objects as reflection of one's culture,often by deliberately increasing their size to highlight his intention.

is that a human figure?

There should be little doubt about this one

 "I want you because I can't have you" 2014 edition of 6 by Tracey Emin (b. 1963) an English artist who is part of a group called Britartist or YBA (Young British Artists) intent on exploring the relation between art and autobiography. In 1997, she exhibited a tent with names called "Everyone I have Ever Slept With 1963-1995) and caused a sensation. In 1999, she staged a a solo exhibition entitled "Every part of Me's Bleeding" at the Lehman Maupin Gallery, USA and later the same year exhibited "My Bed" as an installation, consisting of her own unmade dirty bed with used condoms and blood-stained underwear.She works on needlework,  sculpture, drawing, video and installation, photography and painting.

Consequences of being born a Clay Guy 2014 in metal ceramics and books by Theaster Gates (born 1973, an American social practice installation artist dealing with issues such as  urban planning, religious space, and craft, committed to the revitalization of poor neighborhoods through combining urban planning and art practices.

An indifferent pile of what looks like dismembered human bodies

Sound Absorber 4-2014: in mineral wool, alumininium plate and paint by Zhang Ding (張鼎) (b. 1980) a photographer, painter, sculptor, installation artist and film maker from Ganzu concerned to show people the lives of anonymous people living at the margin of society, like transvestites, missing persons, showing their lives without judgment and works on all sorts of media.

Black substances-1 2014 in black glass and oxidized steel plates by the same artist

What looks like a head formed by lines by 余有鴻 in 2014

The beginning of Winter (立冬) by Zhao Yang (趙洋)

An installation or sculpture?

Haze (霾) 2013 Ouyang Chun (歐陽春) (b. 1974) a painter and installation artist who paints with child-like feelings

Self-Portrait 2014 by Ouyang Chun (歐陽春)

A color plate?

Logs 2002 : silver gelatin print by Jeff Wall (b. 1946) a Canadian artist known for his large-scale back-lit  cibachrome photographs and art history writing.