2011年8月29日 星期一

Another Stroll about Town

The Central District can be a frustrating, enervating and daunting place to be in. If you wish your
muscles to tense up, your lips to pucker up and eye-brows to knit together, the corners of your
eyes to grow fresh folds or if you wish to push up your blood pressure, then there is no better place
to go. However when you do that, you must never complain that perhaps another world will
be lost to you. It's the world of lines and surfaces, the world of light and shadows, the world of
even.... colors. You'd  never have thought it could ever have been there.

White orchids inside the IFC shopping mall.

Pink orchids at the same place.  And a little outside...

peoples, taxis, boats, signs, trees, shrubs, roads and sea all cut up into convenient bite size

Curves, ovals, rounded-off roof amidst the tiny tremors on the surface of a fountain?

There are even patches of red and oranges upon the shimmering surface of the water!

People standing waiting, sitting relaxing, coming and going down escalators
amidst smooth reflected chrome surfaces.

More people coming and going, newspaper in hand, looking around or simply sitting.

Triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, circles and simple straight lines, even trees and shrubs!

People eating. Oh yes, I need to eat too!

Before the fast food restaurant, circles of light and shade, helping not a little to break the
monotony of the otherwise dull and dark interior.

Even flowers in yellow and white! They were tightly squeezed together in their allotted spaces
beneath tiny gray squares. Perhaps, they're no worse than those who placed them there. At least
they got an occasional spray of water before they fade and their withered looks are removed
forever from passing gazes, sharing their final resting place with other trash at some dirty plastic
bins at an obscure corner of the narrow sunless lane at the side of the plush chrome and glass
structure. How they shine and brighten up the otherwise empty and impersonal hall in the
meantime before their predetermined demise, craning their necks for a bit of sun and attention!

But once I sat down, I discovered the eyes of a number of "snake ladies" staring at me.
They were firmly escounced upon the necks of a row of green "Perrier" bottles. I wonder if they
felt comfortable exposing their thighs to the marauding gazes of strange oriental men.

After lunch I strolled to my favourite haunt, the harbor front...

And found myself amongst leaves and flowers.

Some sturdy ferns.

Tree leaves, some yellowing already and others with edges all curled up. Not very auspicious.

I looked up. The sky was overcast. Will it rain? Fortunately, I found some flowers to cheer me up.

Some tiny red flowers.

Some tiny yellow flowers.

More tiny red and pink flowers.

Even chains of green beads. But it was beginning to rain.

A bright yellow flower in the tiny drizzle which had begun in the meantime.

A string of water beads gravitating to the underside of a steel bar. How long will the surface
tension keep them there? Who knows? In the meantime, leaves were falling everywhere.

A huge worm-eaten fallen leaf supported by other still vigorously growing new leaves below.

A fallen leaf, a number of pulpae firmly stuck to its yellow surface.

Another of its brethren but with tiny holes already eaten up by the developing larvae..

And falling flowers too.

One of its brothers and sisters, not so lucky. No bench to hold it up!

Another fellow victim from a different or the same species which fell even earlier. But all equally
casualties of the merciless march of time's one-directional arrow.

A humble and mute servant of our endless construction industry standing guard at the water front.
But building for what?

Ah, a wire-mesh fence!

And locked too! Am I locked in? Am I locked out? Does it matter?

There may be hope yet. Perhaps just a little across the other side of the Pearl River Delta. Don't
you see the golden rays of the dying sun upon the burnished sides of these carriers of the "dreams"
of a "quick kill" for millions who daily toil at our construction sites, our fast food shops, our municipal
garbage or street cleaning trucks, toilet cleaners, with black plastic gloves and their power water jets
or brooms in their hands or else slogging behind numberless sales counters for cosmetic, garment
(oh sorry, "fashion"), cameras, computers. mobile phones or other domestic electronic gadgets,
jewellery, "authentic" Chinese herbs or dried seafood or in front of computer screens behind office

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  1. Another set of beautiful shots! I like the tiny red and pink flowers nicely posed against a backgrounf of green leaves. Thanks for your sharing! ^_^
    [版主回覆08/30/2011 07:07:15]Thank you. I like the red and pink flowers too. You can find a lot of them in the flower beds around town. They're quite beautiful. Take time to look at them. I do so now.

  2. Good morning, my dear old friend! \(@^0^@)/★ 晚安

    ...!.)Excellent photography! ‧★,:*:‧\( ̄▽ ̄)/‧:*‧°★* 用力灑花恭喜

    ...2.)" A stroll in light and shadows...
    Stroll around everywhere with love,
    In the sea of light and shadows,
    Light up my life with a click,
    And fill me up with the heat of love,
    Shadows of doubt will be gone when I'm in love..."((。(^_^)。)) 期待、期待

    [版主回覆08/30/2011 07:12:33]Thank you for your always surprising and original contribution and the light show in Macau's St. Paul's Ruins.

  3. Thank you for the beautiful photos and I like the bean plant the most. Your photos provide me with a new angle to look at Central, more artistic ...
    [版主回覆08/30/2011 10:24:26]Thank you. It's always good to look at this world from different angles and to train our eyes upon the possibility of "beauty" in the most unpromising places.

  4. All your captures are attractive ,, I love the shimmering colors of the water's surface ...
    [版主回覆08/30/2011 20:27:03]I love the shimmer on the surface of the water too. That's why Arab architects always decorate their buildings with fountains. Water takes on the colors of the surrounding plants, bricks and the color of the sky which often add shadows of clouds upon the surface of water. So water surface is a very flexible decorative feature which adds enormously to giving color and shapes to otherwise plain architecture!

  5. 喜歡那三樽 perrier , 和最後黃昏的光. 正.
    [版主回覆08/31/2011 05:06:34]I'm sure you like the "snake women"! They look alluring!
    I like the soft gold of the evening sun too!
    I'm sure you're being kind in your comments.

  6. I love the shot of "fence" with shadow.....locked-in / locked-out ...depended on what your thought is. 中環是充滿不同色彩及體態, 我常在此溜蕩拍照....直至那半山的行人天橋上....
    [版主回覆08/31/2011 17:20:54]Yes, if you care to look, you may very well discover a very different Central.
    It's good to look around.
    If you want to photograph people in a hurry, there probably won't be a better place.
    Photography is a soul-changing hobby!

  7. Since when has Perrier started using a snake woman logo? Does the sight of it really parches the throat or does it go further to suggest that the water is the spring of sexual potency? Maybe sex really sells. Anyway, I seldom drink Perrier, not even with the enticement of the snake women. Boiled water from the tap is still the best to me.
    [版主回覆08/31/2011 17:25:27]I have little idea. I just noticed it.
    You may well be right. Perhaps they are suggesting that its fresh bubbly spring water may slake the thirst of even snakes!
    To each his own taste. Who are we to dispute other's taste!